Your Questions Answered • June 2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A few days ago I asked you guys on Instagram to ask me some questions for a mini Q&A here on the blog. So here is some A´s to your Q´s! 

Q - Gloestefania: "Any tips for college??? Love you!"
A - Focus on your school and do your best! And always finish your assignments a few days before they are due! Its going to make you less stressed, because you dont have to do everything right at the last minute!

Q - Agathamary_99: "What is your favorite way to drink coffee?"
A - My favorite way to drink coffee is not to drink it at all, because I dont really like it... hihi!

Q -  Unger_ina: "Which celebrity would you like to spend your summer with? Love from Austria! <3
A - I would probably choose to spend my summer with Niall, because I think it would never be boring with him. And he is good looking so EYE CANDY all summer!!

Q - Milennaceribelly: "Favorite day of the year? <3 From Brazil!"
A - I think my favorite day is February 3rd, which is my birthday! YAY!

Q - Anasrasia.dyupina: "What is the best way to start your morning? Love you <3"
A - Put on some music right when you wake up, so you get in a great mood and then you can dance around while you get ready! And I always start my days of with a BIG glass of water before I eat my breakfast

Q - Albamdp: "What is your favorite makeup look at the moment? Lots of love <3"
A - At the moment, I really love the "No makeup" makeup look, so a bit of concealer here and there, lightly filled in brows, bronzer, highlighter and curled lashes. I often use my Loreal Brow Artist Plumper as a mascara, because it doesn´t give volume or length, it just darkens up my lashes, which is perfect for a "No makeup" make look!

Q - Valosuna27: "What´s your favorite FOB song? Love from Mexico"
A - This is a hard question! It always changes, but right now I would say its either "Suger, we´re goin down" or "Forth Of July", but it´s so hard to choose, because I love all of them!

Q - Kassmellow: "Favorite Hairstyle"
A - I love a good messy bun, it´s easy and it doesn't take that long. (That is if you get it right the first time...We all know a messy bun can give girl big trouble!)

Q - Shiasgap: "Favorite song at the moment? Love u <3"
A - Recently I have been loving Jess Glynne "Ain´t Got Far To Go" Its so good and you get in such a good mood when you listen to it, so if you haven't heard it, go do it now!!

Amalie x

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