What I have Learned Since Starting Youtube

Sunday, June 26, 2016

When I started doing youtube, I did not know what I was doing, I just liked doing hair and I wanted to share with other girls, who might not be that good at hair, how to do it. So I went into it not knowing what was going to happen, so today I´m going to share with you guys a few things i have learned since doing youtube. I might to a part 2, because I have a few more thing, but I didn't want to make the post to long.

Filming and editing takes forever - A lot of people think that doing youtube is an easy and quick thing, but thats not the case. It normally takes me 2-3 to film, edit and upload a video. There is a lot of thing you have to do and that takes a long time. First you have to get ready for filming, then set up the camera so everything is ready. Then you have to film the whole video, which can take from 20 minutes to 2,5 hours or more. When you are done filming then you need to import your footage and edit the video. You might need to to a voice over and edit that as well. Then you need to color correct, so the video looks good and now you can export it. Now its time for a thumbnail, that normally take me 1,5 hour to make, because I'm slow. Uploading to youtube can be hard sometime, if youtube feel like playing you, but when the video is uploaded, you need to do annotations and subtitles (if you chose to do that). Now that everything is up you need to share it everywhere and then you´re done.

I know which side is my good side - I have made a lot of videos, so that means, that I have been looking a lot on my face and I have gotten more used to it now, then what I was before. I sounds weird, but its true. Youtube have helped me getting a lot more confident, because I kind of see myself from another persons perspective. So youtube have 100% helped me getting more confident in myself and in the way I look. When I started out, and people commented "You look pretty", I was like "Yeah right" and now I´m like "Yes! I Am I´m Gorgeous!!"

ALWAYS BACKUP!! - I can't stress enough how important backups are, and not only for youtube, but for everything. The worst thing on earth is when you have been working on something for a few days, and something goes wrong with you computer and everything is gone! Every youtuber have been there and it sucks. I once was about to export a video I had been editing for the past 6,5 hours and something went wrong and it was gone. It was 12 midnight and I then had to re-edit all over again, because I needed the video up that day - so that was a long night - It was for my 12 days of christmas. So backup and save as much as you can!

Amalie x

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