What I Eat In A Day No. 1 • Snapchat Edition

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Today I have been doing a "What I Ate Today" in pictures on my Snapchat - "AmalieGabs" So I thought I would make it into a little blogpost, so those of you who doesn't follow me on SC, wouldnt miss it. This is how I eat most of the days, not 100% healthy but also not totally unhealthy, so here is my first "What I Eat in a Day" in snapchat edition - enjoy! 

Breakfast // Peach melba yoghurt with crunchy musli on top and a glass of milk
Snacks // A sliced peach and a banana 
Lunch // 2 slices rye bread with some meat topping (rullepølse) and cucumber (Dont know if this is translated correctly, because there is not really a english word for it...) 
Snacks No. 2 // Biscuits with chocolate filling and a glass of milk - YUM! 
Dinner // Brown rice with chicken, carrots and peas + curry (You can add any vegetables you like)
Snack No. 3 // Salted popcorn!! (I dont always eat after dinner, but I did today)

Amalie x

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