What Apps I Use to Edit My Photos In

Saturday, June 18, 2016

When I edit my photos for my blog or for instagram, I almost always do it on my phone. So here are the apps I like to use to edit my photos with. I dont just use one app to do all the editing, I do different things in different apps, so here is a small list of the apps I edit my photos in.

Snapseed: This app I mostly use to make a certain parts of a photo more saturated with color and to brighten up dark parts of the photo
Photogrid: This is the app I use if I want to make a collage with some pictures, where the collage dont have the shape of a square. The picture above is made in this app
Layout: If I want my collage to be in a square shape, then I normally use this app - dont use it that much though!
VSCO: In this app I can see how my Instagram feed will look, with the picture I want to upload. I also do a bit of editing in this app, but not much though. Mostly making the shadows more blue and cropping pictures. After their new update, they kind of fucked up the app, so I dont really like the app anymore... What have you done VSCO?? Please go back to the you were before!
Afterlight: This app I use to make the midtones of my pictures more blue and make the shadows darker. Also love to brighten the picture in this app and turn the saturation up... basically I love everything in this app!
Facetune: LOVE the whitening tool in this app. Its amazing to get rid of yellow tones and make your picture nice and white. Also if you have a pimple you can easily remove it with the patch tool! The app has great features and definitely worth the money!

Amalie x

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