Things Any YouTuber Should Have - "The Basic Youtuber Kit"

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

If you want to start doing Youtube then here is a list of some things I think every youtube should have. It is different from person to person, what they use to make/create videos. You definitely dont need all of these things to start out if you cant afford it, I didn't have them all when I started making videos and it worked out fine for me. So here is a some basic things I think every Youtuber should have.

"The Basic Youtuber Kit" 

Camera - Of course every Youtuber need a camera, because with out a camera you dont have a video... You dont need a fancy DSLR camera, but you need a camera, that has great quality. Phone now a days has great cameras, just dont use the front camera! But if you want a camera, you can start out with a small point and shoot camera and later upgrade to a DSLR. I won't recommend one specific camera, because it depends on what kinds of video you want to make.
If you want to invest in a bigger camera, I recommend getting one with a flipscreen, so you can see what you are doing. I dont have one and it sucks! So instead I have installed a program on my laptop, so I can see my camera screen on my laptop screen. It works, but my computer sounds like its about to take of like a plane and its so loud so definitely buy one with a FLIPSCREEN!
If you have a small point and shoot camera, but it doesn't have a flipscreen, dont worry you just have to be a bit creative! I started out like that, and i had to place my camera on top of some boxes and books and then angle a mirror behind it, so I could see the screen. It can be tricky, but I definitely can be done, because thats how I did it for my first hair tutorials!

Extra Battery - If you can afford it, I recommend buying an extra battery. I dont have one, which sucks and its on my buying list, but sometimes a video can take a long time to film and you need more then one battery. When i run out of power, i have to wait for it to charge, which takes over an hour, before i can continue filming again - You dont need it, but it would be nice to have!

Memory Cards - I started out with a 16GB card, which I quickly found out was not enough memory! Now I have a 64GB card and that is a great size, because I never run out of memory now. You can easily find memory cards on amazon or in stores and they are not that expensive.

Tripod - When I started doing youtube videos, I didn't have a tripod, so I would stack some boxes and some books on top of each other until it had the hight I needed for my camera. That works, but i would recommend getting a normal tripod. For a little money you can get a great tripod that works find. You dont need a fancy one, all it has to do is to hold your camera.

External Hard Drive - BUY A BIG ONE! When you make a lot of videos, you need a place to save them when you are done. These files takes of so much space, that you can not save it on your computer. It would also suck if your computer died and all your things were gone... So save all your things on an external hard drive.

Studio light - This is something you dont need to have, but again its nice to have. I didn't have one when i started, but if you watch my video you can also see a BIG difference from my old video to my new videos. If you want some studio light, check out eBay or amazon, they have some cheap light that is great for youtube! If you can't afford lights, just film in front of a window and film between 10 and 14 when the natural lighting is best

Notebook/Calender - You definitely need a place were you write all your ideas down and where you can plan out videos. That can either be in a notepad or in a calendar or a program on your computer. I recently bought a planner - check out the blog post here - and its so nice to have a place where I can plan out blog posts, videos and daily "to does" in 1 place, without it being to confusing!

Amalie x

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