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Monday, June 06, 2016

I like to workout, I love the feeling you get when you workout and I really love being in shape! I dont want to spend all my money on a gym, because some of them are quite pricey and I would rather save my money. But not being a member of a gym, does not mean you can't workout! I workout at home for free and its just as good as the gym (Bonus is that no one is watching you workout!) I think Youtube workouts videos are really great, but I hate the once where the instructor shows you the move 1 time and then tell you to do it 20x3 times, but dont do the workout with you. Thats not for me, I need the instructor to go through the pain with me and give me a pep talk when I want to give up! So if you also feel like that, then the list down below with my favorite workout channels is what you are looking for, because on these channels, the instructor is with you the whole way! 

1. Blogilates - Love her energy and personality! This is the channel i have used for the longest and i love it! You can also get a free workout calendar every month, where your workout is planed out for you and everyday is not the same. LOVE CASSEY!  

2. Yoga with Adriene - Adriene is very calm and relaxing to listen to while you workout! She has yoga videos for everything and she also has a "30 day Yoga challenge" you can follow.  I suck at yoga, because im no that flexible, but she is really good to make beginners (me) feel good about yoga, so you dont feel like quitting after the first video. 

3. POPSUGER Fitness - The people on Popsuger fitness has great energy and they are just so happy, which keeps me going when i workout! Popsuger Fitness has some great boxing workouts, where you do both cardio and strength training and its just nice to sometimes switch things up and try a new form of workouts! They have a 45 minutes boxing video and its amazing!! Watch it here!

4. BeFit - Befit has a lot of different videos and instructors. My favorite is Jillian Michaels and I really like her workouts videos. Keira LaShae is also a great instructor and she does dance workouts, so if you are not a fan of working out, then you can do her videos and dance yourself to a fit body! 

5. Tara Stiles - Tara do yoga videos like Adriene, and she is also very relaxing and calm. She does a bunch of different yoga videos, and she does yoga in hotel rooms, just where ever she is. I dont use Taras videos as much as "Yoga with Adriene", but still think they are really good! 

Amalie x

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