Sigma "DRY'N SHAPE TOWER" Review + New Sigma Brushes

Friday, June 03, 2016

Last week Sigma kindly send me some things to try out and one of the things was the "Dry´n Shape Tower" so I decided to try it out and do a mini review on it.

The tower has two levels of brush holders and the top holder are for small brushes, like eye brushes and the bottom holder are for bigger brushes, like foundation brushes and has elastics to shape the brush. The tower cost $49 and can be bought on sigmas website - Buy it here!

After trying this 2 times, I have come to the conclusion that I have mixed feelings about this tower. The tower works and it does what the box says it will do, the brushes get dry and shaped. But getting the brushed through the elastic and into the holder is very time consuming. I normally just place my brushes on a towel and then take the next brush and its pretty quick, but with the tower you have to use both hand to lift the tower up and then push the brush through the elastics and that can be a bit tricky. Before trying the tower I thought that the brushes would take forever to dry because they were inside the elastic, but they dried just as quick as my brushes normally do, so no problem.

I love the concept of a tower where I can just click my brushes in and then they dry upside down. But some of my brushes are to big for the top holders and too small for the bottom holders, so they will fall out or not fit. I did try to add 3 smaller brushes in one elastic in the bottom holder, it worked, but it was kind of hard to get them in there. 

Im going to continue using the tower, because I do like it, and because I have it, Im just not going to put the brushes in the elastics, after they have been washed. 
My final through about the tower is that the tower worked like it said it would, but not all brushes fits the holders, so if you dont want to spend $49 on a dry tower, an old fashion towel works just as well and is less expensive. 

They also sent me two sets of new brushes, but I haven't tried them that much yet, so I can't say that much about them, but they are really soft and seems like they are really good quality!

Amalie x

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