NYX Produtcs I don't Like

Saturday, June 25, 2016

This month I made a blog post called "My NYX Faves", where I showed you my favorite makeup products from NYX. So I thought I would do the same, but this time, with the products I didn't really like. All these products I'm going to mention, might work for some people, it just didn't for me. This is just my experience and if you try the products your experience might be different. 

Shine Killer - When I saw this in my NYX box I was so happy, because anything that can help my makeup to stay matte, is welcomed into my makeup routine. But I feel like this primer, do nothing for me. When I put it on my skin, I'm not matte... I have tired to put a small amount on, a big amount on, all the amounts, but I still get the same result and I see no difference from then I use the primer to when I'm not using the primer. So this did not work for me, my Nivea aftershave balm is still the best!

Stay Matte but Not Falt Liquid Foundation - I wanted to use this when I was filming my "Odin" video, but when I applied the foundation on my skin, I look soo yellow... I tried to blend it out with my Real Technics makeup sponge, but it was bad... I had to start over with my filming, because it looked so weird (and I used the color that matched my other foundations). Later when I had to clean my makeup sponge, I couldn't get the foundation out of the sponge. Everything else came out, but not the NYX foundation. If I try and squish my sponge with my fingers, I can push the foundation out... Kinda gross - and the foundation is still there, because I don't know how to get it out, so I´m planning on getting a new sponge now...

Baked Blush + Illuminator + Bronzer "Foreplay" - I was so excited to try this blush out, because it was a beautiful color and it was shiny! But when I tried it I was really disappointed. Its pigmentation is really bad, and there is almost no color payout. I also tried to swatch it on my hand, but I almost can't see the color. Its also really hard and I fell like my brush can't pick up the color properly. But if you want a really really subtle blush and highlighter, then this might be for you.

Primal Colors "Hot black" - This shadow is a blessing and a curse! Its so pigmented, but is like glitter, once you open it, ITS EVERYWHERE and you can't get rid of it! Its soo black, that you almost don't need any product to see the true color, but if you have fall out, RIP to your makeup look, because this shadow is not "Wipe away-able"... So I like this product, because of the pigment, but it uncontrollable and you have it everywhere. This is the kind of thing you would give to your friend you don't like!

Tear-drop Foundation Sponge - Not a big fan of these! They have a weird shape and is not that good at blending out your foundation. I like the tear drop shape, but the problem is that it´s flat. Its hard to tap the product into your skin, because the sponge is flat. But if you like a flat sponge, then these are for you, i´m just more into the round sponges, if that makes sense. They are also not that easy to clean and the colors tints the sponge, so it looks dirty even though its clean...

Amalie x

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