My Skincare Routine 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016

Since starting doing YouTube a lot of you guys have been asking me for my skincare routine. I finally have my skincare down and have been doing the same thing for a long time now, so I thought it was time to share it. My skincare routine only takes a few minutes, because I think less is more and its also easier to stick to and do everyday when its quick and easy!

STEP 1: Ole Henriksen "On The Go Cleanser" - This product is amazing and I use this everyday to cleanse my skin and when I need to remove my makeup, I use this as my first step in my makeup removal routine as well. I just take a small amount in my hands, add some water and then gently rubbing it on my face and then rinsing my face with water.

STEP 2: La Roche Posay "Effaclar Duo+" - After cleansing my face I take a small amount of the Effacer Duo+ creme and apply that all over my face. I did a more in depth blog post about this product - if you want to read that, click here!

STEP 3:  Ole Henriksen "Truth Serum Collagen Boost" - I dont use this everyday, only because its expensive and I want to save it for when my skin is at it´s worst, so I only use it sometimes, but if I could afford using this everyday I would! But when my skin need a extra boost, I take a pea size amount and apply it all over my face - This smells amazing!

STEP 4: Loreal "Triple Active Day" - The last thing I do in my skincare routine, is to apply my moisturizer. Some times I switch up my moisturizer, but its still one from Loreal and its very similar to the one I´m using right now. This smells like summer in a moisturizer - it smells AMAZING!

STEP 5 (But its not really a step): Garnier "Pure Active Exfoliation Scrub" - This is a gently face scrub that I recently bought and so far I like it. I use it before I take a shower, so I just take some of the scrub and gently rub it on my face, then I let it sit so I can wash it of in the shower - I dont use it everyday, because thats not good for your skin, so I just use it when ever I feel like it.

So that is my skincare routine as of now, if I change anything up in the near future, I will do a update skincare routine post! 

Amalie x

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