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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

I am one of those people who love to plan out a lot of the thing I do, so last week I bought a new planner. I think its a great way to know what your day holds, without having to remember everything.

First I looked at the Erin Condren planner, because that one is a planners dream, but its also very expensive. So I looked around on the internet to see what my other options were and here I found a swedish company called "", who does custom planners and calendars in different sizes and bonus its not that expensive! I chose the size A5, which i think is a great size for a calendar. Shipping is included in the prize and my A5 planner costed me 260 kr, which is 40$.

I really wanted a pretty and girly planner, but not to girly, because I have to look at it for a year. So I decided to make it white and clean on the front, but girly on the inside. On this website you can create your own cover, so you can make a collage with pictures or what ever you feel like. I chose a picture from google of some gold dots and then I added my name and year - simple but cute. On the inside I wanted it to be really girly, so I made the top banner pink and got the lower boxes to match the color as well.

In my planner I added monthly overviews and year overviews. In the back you get some pages where you can choose between some options on what you want the pages to hold. So i added maps, coloring pages, sudukos and some blank lined pages, where I can write whatever i want.

The planner comes with a ruler on the inside that you can take out and click in again, so you can move it every week and use it as a book mark. It also comes with a plastic sheet, where you can put put some papers in. The planner itself is really good quality, it has some think plastic cover that protects the real cover - front and back and the cover is printed on some thick shiny paper/cardborad. 

Im really happy if found this company and that I now have a new planner, so I can plan out my weeks as I go. Everything worked smooth and my planner is perfect!
Do any of you guys uses planners? Comment down below if you do and tell me what brand it´s from!

Amalie x

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