My Hair Care Routine 2016

Friday, June 24, 2016

A lot of you guys ask me what I do to keep my hair healthy. The truth is that my hair is not healthy at all, not even close and if you have as damaged hair as I have, then there is not really anything you can do to make it healthy, other then grow your hair out. So today I´m going to show you what kind of hair care products i use to keep my hair healthy looking and shiny! 

UNIQ ONE - BY REVLON: This product is everything. Its a 10 in one treatment and it works amazing! I spray it all over my hair when its damped and then i brush it through my hair so it get all over my hair. It makes my hair super soft and shiny and it smells amazing! This is not that expensive, I always buys it when its on sale, but if you dont, then its still not that expensive. For me, this bottle last for 4-5 month, when I use it, which i think its really long. I 100% recommend the Uniq One Treatment, because its a hair savior!

ARGAN OIL OF MARROCO - BY NATURAL WORLD: This oil I use when my hair has air dried and is 100% dry. I just take a big amount and apply it to the end of my hair and it makes it look really healthy! This is a very cheap oil, and again, i buy this when its not sale, because then its even cheaper!! YAY! Before this i used a hair oil from Schwarzkopf called "Gliss Ultimate Repair Oil Elixir" and that was also magic on a bottle, so again, I 100% recommend these 2 hair oils, they will make your hair silky soft and healthy looking!

If you want to know which shampoo and conditioner I use, then read the blog post I wrote about it here.

Amalie x

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