My Curling Iron Collection 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

Todays blog post is going to be about my curling iron collection. I have 7 in all, where 2 of them are wavers. Im not sure if I can finde the exact name of the curling irons, because there name is not written on them, only the brand. but im going to try my best, to find all the names! I hope you enjoy!

From left to right:

1: This was one of the first curling irons i got, when I was little. Its called OBH Nordica "Artist... something", this was all I could find. I dont know if you can buy it anymore, but if you can I wouldn't recommend this iron. You can only curl your hair one way, because of the spiral thingy on the curling iron, and that kind of sucks! I never use this curling iron, because it not that good, but I save it, because it was one of my first curling irons.

2: This one I got, not long after the first one and this one is a waver. It´s called OBH Nordica "Wave Maker". This waver make very small waves, that kind of looks like mermaid hair. This is great if you want a more tight wave, but it will take some time to do all your hair with this waver.

3: This curling wand is from Remington and its the "Peral Pro Curl Hair Styler". This one is great for loser curls, but they dont last that long. If you use this, the curls will last the longest if you pin the hair after each curl.

4: This is my favorite curling iron out of the 7 I have and this is the Remington curling iron called "Pro Spiral Curl" and the curling iron is 19mm. I never uses the clamp, I just pretend its not there and use the curling iron as a curling wand instead. Great to curl your hair and also to great loser curls!

5: This is the "Deep Barrel Waver" from Tony&Guy. This is amazing and creates beautiful waves. In 5 minuts you can give your hair some beautiful loose waves. The bigger the sections you take are, the looser the waves will be.

6: This curling wand, I bought when I was in 9th grade right before my graduation. Its from Bayliss and is called "BaByliss Easy Curl". I swore by this for years, before I got the 19mm reminton iron. Its great to curl your hair with, but unfortunately it sometimes dont work, so I might need to get a new one...

7: This is the Babyliss "Glamour Waves curling iron" and I kind of regret buying this one. I makes very loose waves and in my hair the waves last for 5 minuts... if I dont move. So I never really use it, maybe I should just throw it out...

Amalie x

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