June Favorites 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016

This is my last post in my "30 Days of Blog Posts" so I thought it would be a good idea to end it off with a blog post about the things I have been loving this past month - So here are my june favorites! 

1. Marc Jacob "Eau So Fresh" this perfume smells so good and is the one I have reached for the most this month! Its so good and fresh... I really want this perfume in a bigger bottle!

2. Rimmel "Match Perfection" concealer in the color "010 Ivory" - this blends really well under the eyes and is great for highlighting!!

3. Since I got all my NYX makeup, through the NYX Nordic Face Awards, I have been loving using this bronzer! Its the "NYX Matte Bronzer" in the color "light". This is the first bronzer I have ever tried and I dont know why I haven't used a bronzer before. I have also been loving using the NYX 02 brush to apply it with, and you can't really see how it looks, but is kind of like a really really thick fan brush, thats the best way I can discribe it.

4. These rings are my favorite rings and Im so happy I bought them! They are from a danish designer called "Pernille Corydon" and the rings are called "Large Facet Ring". I got them in silver and a rose gold color and I love them! I can't explain the pattern, but I just love that they are not just round and smooth, like most rings.

5. Last month I bought a planner, that had the start date in june. THIS IS AMAZING and its so easy to plan your day and everything you have to do. The planner is from the website personal-planner.com where you can customize a planner, so it fist perfectly for you! - I did a blogpost about it, you can read it here.

Amalie x

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