I Started Running

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

In the end of april I started running. (Look at that pretty running face... Btw this was my first time trying to take running photos!) I have had this dream since I was 17, that I would run a half marathon before I was 18 and a marathon before I was 20. Now Im 21 and I have done neither. The reason for that is that when I was younger I hurt my knees, because I fell while I was ice skating and ever since I have had trouble with them. When I was 17/18 years old my knees started hurting all the time, so I stopped working out, because it was painfull, so no running a half marathon. About a year later I ended up getting surgery in both knees and ever since my knees dont hurt all the time and my knees are back to being 80% perfect again. 

Recently I decided that now was the time to run a half marathon, so I put on my workout shoes and started running. I started out with a very short distance (1k), to make sure my knees could take it and that they wouldn´t start hurting. They didn't and still dont, so since april I have increase my running distance and today I ran 4k! I use the Nike Running app to track my runs and my pace and it works great!

Right now I do have shin splits, which is the most uncomfortable thing in the world and I´m going to  try out compression socks and hopefully it will help. I have a 4,8k race this sunday and if the socks dont work, it´s gonna be a painfull 4,8k run! Its a race I have been doing for the last 3 years, I have never trained for it until now, so im really looking forward to it, especially if the compression socks works! I haven't signed up for a half marathon yet, but I´m going to as soon as registration open, but only if I get my shins back to normal, because I dont want to injure my legs anymore then what they are now, got to take care of myself!

If you want to start running, the best advice I have is to sign up for a 5k race or more, so you have something to train towards, otherwise you might loose your motivation to run. Do any of you guys run? If so, what music do you listen to?? I need new music for a new running playlist! 

Amalie x

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