I Ran a 4,8k Race And Pulled My Back Muscles...

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Today was the day of "Vestkystløbet", which is a race in the city where I live. There is 2 routes you can run a 9,2k and a 4,8k. I have done this race for the last 4 years now, running the 4,8k and I love it! 

I wanted to beat my last record on 34,31 minutes, but I didn't. I ran the 4,8k on 35,49 minutes, still not a bad time, but not what I wanted. The reason I couldn't finish the race quicker, was that after 1k my back muscles started to hurt really bad, which slowed me down a bit. My back was hurting every time I took a deep breath or twisted slightly in my back, which you do a lot when you run, so yay...
I wanted to finish the race, because if I just kept moving, it didn't hurt as bad as when I was walking slowly. I did finish the race and after I crossed the finish line, my body started to cool down and my back really started hurting a lot more! I thought I had pulled some muscles in my back, because I have tried that before and it felt very similar to the other times, but I went to medical tent just in case and they confirmed that the muscles were pulled and gave me some painkillers.

If you have tried to pull some muscles in your back or in other body parts, then you know its very painfull, because everything you do hurts. All I can do right now is to sit still and that also really hurts! But on the bright side, I did not have any trouble with my knees or shins - my compression socks works wonders so far, so that is great!

I really want to run a half marathon some time this year, so that's what next for my running journey - have you guys done any races this year??

Amalie x

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