How To Start a Successful Youtube Channel 101

Friday, June 17, 2016

In the past few years, I have received so many private messages, asking me how to start a youtube channel, what you should make videos about and a lot more. So I thought I would do a blog post on it, so I could share all my tips and tricks with you guys, instead of in a bunch of private messages! 

My tips: 
1. Make a youtube account
2. Film a video, edit and upload it
3. Dont care what people think about it 

That is how simple it is to start doing youtube, the only thing that holds you back is yourself. You dont need a fancy set up to start making videos, all you need is an idea, camera, some natural lighting, editing software (you can get free once), wifi and yourself. Its very easy and no one is holding you back, but yourself!

If you are afraid that your friends/the people at your school is going to make fun of you, because of your video, then dont be afraid. Yes, they might make fun of you, but fuck what they think! If you love what you are doing and can say that you are proud of the videos you are creating, then it doesn't matter what others think. If they make fun of you, then they are not your friends and you need to cut them out of your life. Your true friends will support you and give you feedback that you can use. If your videos are great then you have nothing to be embarrassed about. But dont have panties in your background or a really messy and dirty background, it has to be clean and look as professional as you as get it!

To gain subscribers you need to upload great videos consistently. (Im great at that!...Not really...) When you upload more videos, you get more views and people subscribe to you, that´s how it grows. If people like the videos you make on your channel, then they subscribe, because they want to see more. You are not going to get 100.000 subscribers within the first month, you need to work for it. Share pictures form your videos on your social medias, so you can get more people to see them and that way also more subscribers!

The videos you should upload should be videos you would like to see yourself and interest you! If you love to do DIYs, then do DIY videos. I personally love doing hair, so I do that. Make videos about what you love! There is always some videos on trend, so if they fit into the videos you make, then try and make them and maybe that will help to get your videos out to more people.

The better your thumbnail is (the mini picture on the video) the more people will click on your videos. Color catches the eye, so use colors and simple word - no long sentences! Dont make clickbait titles, you can twist the words a little bit, but NOT so much that the title has nothing to do with your video!

The best tip I can give anyone is to be yourself! This is the most important tip ever! Dont change yourself for the videos. People love watching people with personality and it makes your videos unique! So be your weird self and stay that way!

That was some of my tips to start up a youtube channel, I might have forgotten some things, so if you have any questions then comment below and I will do my best to answer them! 

Amalie x

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