Foxy Locks Superior 230g/20" Clip-in Extensions Before & After

Thursday, June 09, 2016

I think extensions are a great way to add som "umf" to your hair. If you have short hair, its an easy and quick way to get long hair, without having to wait a few years for your hair to grow out! I love using my extensions for volume when I do hairstyles or if I want a massive ponytail/braid or if I just want to feel like Beyonce for a while... (Her hair is amazing!) 

Im not doing a review on the extensions, because I have done a blog post about that before, if you want to read it - click here and i also made a video review where you can see the extensions curled - click here. I wanted to do a before and after where you can see the difference the extensions make. I have a blunt cut which makes it a bit hard sometimes to blend the extensions in with my hair, but when i succeed it looks amazing!! 

The set I have is the superior 230g - 20" in the color "Hollywood Blonde" and I absolute love this set! I love what extensions can do to your hair and your confidence, if you feel like your hair is too flat or too short.
If you are interested in buying the FoxyLocks clip-ins, then use the code "FoxyAmalie" at checkout for a free gift - right now you get a free pair of there gorgeous eyelashes!

Amalie x

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