Budget Friendly Highlighters

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Highlighters are my favorite thing on earth. They are just so pretty and shiny! But im not going to spend all of my money on highlighters, because im not rich, if I was I would own all the highlighters in the world. So I wanted to share with you my favorite budget friendly highlighter, so if you dont have that much money, you can still afford a gorgeous highlighter! 

ELF: This is actually a baked blush, its way too shiny to work as a blush, but perfect as a highlighter. It´s called "Pinktastic" and is a beautiful rose gold highlighter (the left one on the swatch pictures). This was the first highlighter I bought 2 years ago and I still have it, and i still have more then half left. It costs 3$ on elf cosmetics.com, which is something everyone can afford - so if you want a very cheap, but gorgeous highlighter then this is the one you have been looking for!

THE BALM: I know this one is a bit expensive and not really budget friendly, but it´s so pretty that i wanted to include it! It cost 24$ on thebalm.com but if you can't afford this the elf one is just as pretty and I use the Elf one just as much as the Mary-Lou! This is a golden champagne colored highlighter (the middle on the swatch pictures) and is called Mary-Lou Manizer. I love this highlighter, its so pretty on and if you can afford it, you won't be disappointed!

NYX: This is a Prismatic eyeshadow, called "Girls Talk" and this is also a budget friendly highlighter. It cost 6$ on Nyxcosmetics.com and it´s beautiful when you have it on. This highlight is a light pink shade (the right one on the swatch pictures). I haven't used this as much as the two above, because I recently got it, but I´m sure I´m going to use it a lot more in the future, because its gorgeous!

Leave a comment with your budget friendly highlighters down below, I would love to find some new cheap highlighters, because one can never have to many highlighters! 

Amalie x

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