4 Heatless Hacks For Voluminous Hair

Friday, June 10, 2016

Today I wanted to share some tips and tricks on how to easily get voluminous hair! These tips are not for crazy voluminous hair, more like an everyday "normal" volume, enjoy!

D R Y  S H A M P O O //
If you quickly want your hair to be a bit more voluminous, then take your dry shampoo and spray that in your hair. It gives a bit of volume and makes your hair look more clean, because it removes the greasy look (second day - or more hair). Just spray it into your roots and massage it into your hair. The dry shampoo will give your hair some texture, which will work as a little volume booster. You will not get hair like snooky, but you will get a little bit

T E A S E // 
If you want more volume then the dry shampoo can make, then tease your hair! It´s a great and easy way to great a lot of volume, just take a teasing brush or a normal comb and tease the roots of your hair. Dont tease the top lawyer of your hair, because that will hide the teased part, that is underneath! If you want your teased hair to last a bit longer, then tease a section of hair and then spray the teased part with some hairspray. 

E X T E N S I O N S // 
A great way to add some volume to your hair is to add some hair extensions. Add a few extensions to your hair, that has the same length as you own hair, so you dont get longer hair, but just fuller hair. Also a great way to get a fuller ponytail! (Use code "FoxyAmalie" on Foxylocks.com for a free gift - Right now i think is a pair of their gorgeous eyelashes!) 

C U R L   Y O U R   H A I R  O V E R N I G H T //
Flat hair can seem a little lifeless, so if you want even more volume then the 2 steps above will give, then do some heatless overnight curls in your hair. Your hair will automatically seem more voluminous, because of the curls and if you then do the 3 steps that are above, then your hair will be even bigger - YES PLEASE!

Amalie x

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