3 Blogs I Like To Read Right Now

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I really like to read blogs, so today I'm sharing with you, my 3 favorite blogs at the moment, that i really like to read. I do read more then these 3 blog, but these are the once i have click on the most this past month - What are some of your favorite blog?? Comment them below!! Im always looking for new once to read!

idressmyselff.blogspot.com - SHE HAS THE BEST STYLE EVERY! I love reading/looking at her fashion posts! If you ever need outfit inspiration, then check out her blog! If I could get her closet, my life would be complete, her clothes is amazing! You just have to check her out for yourself! She sometimes writes posts about the events she is going to and a few post about makeup, so definitely worth checkin out!

samanthamariaofficial.com - I love reading this blog and Samantha also have the most amazing style! She writes a little about her life and has a lot of fashion posts, which is great for outfit inspiration. I love her pictures on the blog and and her outfits are always on point!! - And she is pregnant now!! It´s so exciting - her and Jason are so cute!!

lindahallberg.se - Linda is so creative with makeup and I love watching her videos and also reading her blog. On her blog you can see what kind of makeup products she has used to different looks, hair posts and a lot more about makeup! She have everyday makeup posts and once that are more colorful and fun! She does write on swedish, but she also translate everything into english, so everyone can read it.

Amalie x

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