My Favorite Nail Polishes For Christmas

Thursday, December 17, 2015

I love to wear nail polish and especially around this time of year, because i love some of the dark deep colors that i mostly uses at christmas and here is my collection of my winter/christmas nail polishes that I love to use! Leave a comment down below and tell me what your favorite nail polishes are for winter and christmas!

1. A bright red color from Depend and it has the number 040. This color is really good to use as a base color. It´s really pigmented and very watery, so you dont need that much and this has lasted me for a really long time.

2. This color is a deep red and this is my go to color if i want a red nail. It´s a Rimmel London Salon Pro nail polish and is in the color 391 "Celebrity Bash".

3. This is my all time favorite color for christmas, it´s a Rimmel London nail polish and it´s called Cocktail Colour In a Flash 140 "Hawaiian Punch", it´s a red sheer color with A LOT of red glitter and I love to wear this on top of the "Depend 040". It's just so christmassy!

4. The next color is a Tanya Burr nail polish from her first collection and it´s called "New York Night" It´s a very deep red color more deep the number 2 and if you put to much on your nail, it becomes so dark, that it almost looks like black, but i love it!

5. This one I dont have a name on, i think it was on the box and then i threw it out. But it´s a mini OPI nail polish from a mini mouse set and this color is a red color with small gold glitter in it. The glitter is very subtle and it´s soo pretty on your nails.

6. The last nail polish is from Pieces and it´s called "Nude Glitter" and it´s a very pretty rose gold glitter. I love doing one glitter nail and the rest of them red, and this color is just perfect for christmas and goes really well with the red theme.

Amalie x

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