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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I decided to do a q&a video every wednesday in October, I missed the first one... Ops! But this week I´m doing a q&a on my blog instead of a video, because I didn't want my channel to be filled up with only q&a videos, and this way i dont have to struggle with trying to pronounce your names!! But I asked you guys on Instagram yesterday to asked me some questions, and this is what you guys asked me!

Dunan199: If you would hang out, where would you take me, what will you show me or what would we do?
A: If we were to hang out, we would go some place to get our nails done, so we look fabulous! Then we would go out shopping and try out a bunch of clothes on and then we would go to a Pizza Hut and eat more Pizza then what is good for us!

Danielasilva97: Have you ever been in Portugal? What do you know about Portugal?
A: I have been to Portugal 1 time on vacation and I liked it! I can´t remember what the place we started is called, but it was in the south.

Yoncehes: What´s your favorite drink?
A: My all time favorite drink is Coca Cola, it just tastes so good and I could drink it all day everyday, but that is probably not the best idea... : What´s your favorite song? love u!
A: At the moment I have a few songs I have been listening to non stop and I will link them down below so you guys can here them too and become obsessed with them just like I am!

1. Rita Ora Poision
2. One Direction Perfect
3. Justin Bieber Sorry
4. Fall Out Boy Forth of july 

Kirawehrart: What´s your fav song of MITAM?
A: My favorite song of the album is Perfect, It´s just such a good song and I really like the lyrics as well, so I would say that is my favorite. I´m actually listening to the album as I´m writing this - And thanks once again for the drawing!!

Sabrina_Kiesling: What are your favorite TV shows? And what characters do you ship?
A: My favorite TV shows are How I Met Your Mother, Say Yes To The Dress and Dare Devil. In HIMYM I ship Barney and Robin, they belong together! Not really shipping anyone in Say Yes To The Dress, but in Dare Devil I ship Matt and Claire they are so cute!

Baby_perrie: Do you like Get Weird by Little Mix, if yes which your fave song and whos your fave member??
A: I still haven't heard the full album, so so far my favorite is Love Me or Leave Me, but that might change when I hear the rest of the album. For my favorite member I cant choose one, because they are all fabulous and gorgeous so I can't choose one.

Juliacampbell_ft: Watched the show "Teen Wolf"? Like it?
A: I have never watched Teen Wolf, because I feel like it would scare me alot, if I watched it, so I have on purpose avoided watching it..

Sonny_sta: What´s your bunny´s name? It´s so cute! Love it. Cannot wait for another video, love your channel! Thanks :)
 A: Thanks love!! My bunny's name is Mille. 

Watermelun: Who is your hair/fashion inspiration?
A: My fashion inspiration is danielle Peazer and the Little Mix girls, they have some amazing clothes and then I also love this blog for fashion inspiration, click here to see it! I dont really have a inspiration for hair, just everyone who is good at styling hair really, if they are good at it and the hairstyle is beautiful it will inspire me.

Alloflarissa: Are you studying atm? If so, what exactly are you studying and what subject do you like the most?
A: I´m not studying at the moment, I graduated in june this year and since then I have been at home working on my YouTube channel and making videos for you guys!
Kimlllie: Have you ever been stopped in the street by fans? How does it feel? I love you!
 A: I have never been stopped in the street or anywhere by viewers, so I can't say how it feels, but hopefully one day I will meet some of you guys that watches my videos!

Imbruns30: What´s your go to hair products that you use to keep it from getting damaged from heat or dying? Love from Florida xx
A: I dont really use anything on my hair other the hair oil, right now i´m using a hair oil from Schwarzkopf called Gliss Daily Oil Elixir And it's amazing and it smells so good! It leaves my hair soft and silky looking, which my hair is not, because i have bleached it alot. I only use heat on my hair when i film a hair tutorial, and i have to curl it or something, which is not often, so i dont really use heat protectant or anything other the the hair oil on my hair, even though I probably should...

Constanzacontreras: Who would you love to make a collab with? Lots of love. xx
A: Thats a good question! I would LOVE to collab with Danielle Peazer, because she seems like a very nice person and collabing with her would be so much fun. I would also love to collab with Zoe or Tanya because their collab video are always so much fun!

I hope you liked this q&a in blog form instead of a video and thank you so much for all the questions. If you want your question to be in my next q&a then remember to follow me on my Instagram, because that where I ask for questions.

Amalie x

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