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Monday, November 30, 2015

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In July SmileBrilliant contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try out their teeth whitening kit. I Had seen alot of good things about it on YouTube and had also been on their website a few weeks before they contacted me, so I was so happy when they emailed me and said yes to trying it out. Before using this kit I had never whitened my teeth before, so my teeth were quite yellow. I wanted to try out teeth whitening strips, but they can be quite hard to use on my teeth, because they are crooked. But with the SmileBrilliant kit you get custom fitted trays, so my trays fit my teeth perfect! (If you wanna see how check out my video here)

It was really easy to use this products and I love my results! As you can see on the last picture, my teeth has gone from a yellow color to perfect white color. If you wanna see my whole review of this teeth whitening kit and also how I used it, then check out my video here.

If you wanna try out this teeth whitening kit, then use the code "Shinylipstv" at checkout for 5% of your order on - Buy the kit here:

Amalie x

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