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Monday, November 16, 2015

FoxyLocks Hair Extensions

I recently recieved my new hair extensions from Foxy Locks and I´ve wanted them for, I think 4 years, now and I finally got them! I have watched Imogen´s hair tutorials on youtube for years and i really love her videos! She makes videos about everything there is to know about hair extensions, from wearing them to styling them.
Foxy Locks was kindly enough to send them to me, but I´m not being payed to say anything. The set I got was the superior set ith 230g in 20" in the color Hollywood Blonde. The superior set with 230 g of hair only have 8 wefts, which is not many compared to the amount of hair. There is a lot of hair in each weft, because the wefts have been combined to make thicker pieces, for example the 4 clip weft is 3 normal wefts sewn together to make 1 weft. Hollywood Blonde is the second blondest color they have, they have over 20 different shades to choose from, so you can easily find extensions that will fit your hair color! These hair extensions, were a little bit to yellow for my hair, so i toned them a few times to match my hair, I made a video on how to tone exteniosn and it will be up in a few days, but I will link it here when it´s up, you can also see a before and after here. When you have to clip the extension in your hair, you don't have to tease your hair at the roots, because there is a little rubber part on the clip, that will hold onto your hair, so you cant just clip the extensions right into your hair, but if you want the extra hold, then just tease the hair.

The only 2 bad things i have to say about them is the ends are a bit blunt looking, but you can always trim the ends to fix that, so it´s not really that much of an issue and when the hair is curled you don't see it at all! The second bad thing is that you can only get then in 20", but then again you can always get them cut and them problem solved. Now for the price, the extensions are not the cheapest, they cost £132, but for the quality hair extensions you get, i think it´s an okay price. However if you are not looking for 230g of hair, they also have other sets with less hair that are cheaper, so you can definitely find something within your price range. I highly recommend these hair extensions for anyone who wants a good quality hair extension set.
If you are interested in buying Foxy Locks hair extensions, then use the code "FoxyAmalie" at checkout for a free gift!

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Amalie x

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