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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

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For the past 2 weeks I have been trying out a sport waist trainer from HiddenBeautySecrets and I love it! I wanted to do a blog post on it as well as my video, but I´m only going to say a few of the things I did in the review, so for the full review you have to watch my video.

I have been wearing the sports waist trainer when I was working out and I did love it for cardio and zumba workouts, but not so much for floor workouts and workouts where I had to crunch together, like ab workouts. But other then that, it´s really comfortable to wear and I love wearing it, so if you are looking for a waist trainer to buy, I would definitely recommend HiddenBeautySecrets, because I have tried 2 waist trainer from them now and I have not been let down any of the times - so go and check them out! If you wanna see my other review on the other waist trainer I tried, then click here.
For a full review of the sports waist trainer click here or see the video above.

Amalie x 

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