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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Craft - DIY Hair & Beauty
The Craft is written by Lou Teasdale and is a really great beauty book. The book talks about pastel hair and rainbow hair (which I LOVE!) It shows a lot of cool hair tutorials like grunge hairstyles, updos and braids and it also shows step-by-step makeup looks like spider lashes, modern lips and smokey eyes and even more. It also covers the basics like eyeliner, contouring and also how to make a colored eyebrow (which is not a basic, but it´s kinda cool!)
In the book Lou tells us about the products she really loves and uses and she also gives advice on how to get in to the makeup industry. I love reading this book and also watching all the pictures, because they are so awesome!! 
The book is 96 pages + a page with stickers!! (YAAAAASS) and it cost about 6£ and can be purchased here.

The Makeup Manual:
The Makeup Manual is written by Bobbi Brown and is, like the title says, a makeup book. It takes you through various makeup looks and talks about the basics in makeup. This is a great book for you who wants to become a makeup artist, because she explains everything you need to know about makeup. The Makeup Manual has step-by-step makeup lessons/makeup tutorials and tips and tricks about the makeup industry. 
The book talks about different skin types and how to do different makeup looks on different skin types and skin tones. It also tells you what colors will go great with your skin tone/eyec olor and a lot more like that and it also goes into details with what to have in your makeup kit as a professional makeup artist. So this book tells you everything from skincare to concealers, skin types, bridal makeup and EVERYTHING you need to know, so this is basically the bible for makeup lovers! 
The book is 221 pages and cost about 11-17£, it´s a little more expensive than The Craft, but the money is well spend and you can purchase it here.

If you are looking to invest into some beauty book, these are the books I would recommend, there is hours of reading and a lot of pretty pictures to look at. I love these books and i look/ read in them all the time, so go check them out!! The sunglasses in the picture are from QUAY and is called dixie clear!

Amalie x

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