Friday, July 24, 2015

DAY Gweneth Mini & DAY Gweneth Beauty
I have eyed these two bags up for a while now and a few days ago I finally bought them. I bought the DAY Gweneth Mini and the DAY Gweneth Beauty bag, both in black. They are made of 100%  nylon, so they are easy to wipe of if some of my makeup decides to break in the bags. They are made in a lot of pretty colors, so if black is not for you, you can always chose another color.

I´m going to use the small bag as a makeup bag for my handbag/carry-on bag and the bigger beauty bag, is going to be my toilet bag with everything i need. They don´t look like they can hold a lot of things, but trust me, they can fit everything you need and if it doesnt, you have too many things, haha!

DAY is a danish brand and everyone in Denmark are obsessed with the brand and every young danish girl has a DAY bag. I really love my small bags and I cant wait to use them for traveling in the future!

Amalie x

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