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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

If you also struggle with finding clothes that fits your body type, don´t worry, I might have the solution for you. Recently Fitbay contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out the app, I created an account and looked around in the app. Fitbay is an app where you can find clothes and insparation for clothes that fits your bodytype with help from others that has the same body type as you.

When you create an account you answer on a few question about your body, such as do you have small, medium or long arms, what body type are you? - nothing too personal. After you have answered the questions, the app will find your "Body Doubles", who you then can follow and see what they like to wear. You can also follow the brands that you like and maybe discover some new ones.

I really like the app and if you have problems with finding the right clothes, then this might help you out. I also like that I can use it on the computer and not just on my phone - just go to and log in and discover more clothes.

It´s quite addictive to  to be looking on the discover page, because there is just so much pretty clothes and you will just want to buy it all! If you think it´s it sound great, create an account and come follow me :)

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Amalie x

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