Rome Beauty Haul

Saturday, October 04, 2014

This post is really overdue, but it´s here now and it´s my "Rome Beauty Haul".

1. Benefit They´re Real Mascara - I found a Sephora in Rome and we only have like 1 or 2 of them in Denmark, so of course i went in there. I went to the Benefit part and found this the "They´re Real Mascara". The lady that help me out was very sweet and told me that I could by the Mascara with a mini "They´re Real Push-up Liner" for the same price as packet with just the mascara in, so of course i bought that! I had seen so much about the mascara on YouTube and I have wanted to try it out for so long, but I couldn't buy it anywhere, so now I finally got it.

2. M·A·C Gingerly Blush - I have had my eyes on this blush for a really long time, because I have seen so much about this blush on YouTube and it just look so gorgeous. It's a brownish color with a red/orange tone to it and it just looks so pretty when you have it on.

3. Kiko Nail Polish in No. 330 - Kiko is one of my fav makeup stores, its cheap and they have so cute colors in everything! I have been looking for the right light purple color for some times now, but couldn't find the perfect color, but them I found this and it´s so cute and true to color. The way the color looks on the picture is exactly the way it will turn out on your nails. It dries so quick and the brush is really good, so I only wish I had bought som more of these.

4. Kiko Eyeshadow in No. 178 - The color is different on the camera, then in real life. It´s a black color with black and silver glitter in it and it´s just so gorgeous. I saw a Dior eyeshadow, that I wanted so bad, but it was a little expensive, so when I saw this I had to buy it, because it looked alot like it.

5. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo - This products is a must have for my skin routine. It correct the appearance of blemishes and it works really good. If you have a lot of blemishes, I would recommend you trying this!

6. Rings From H&M - Because my fingers ar big, I find it really difficult to find rings in H&M i can fit. I really wanted midi rings, but I couldn't fit any of the rings, but I found this gold set of rings in H&M, AND I COULD FIT THEM!!! So I bought them and now I have midi rings for my fat fingers :) YAY!

7. Brandy Melville Necklaces - This is the first time I have ever been in a Brandy Melville store and they have so many cute things! But i fell over these to necklaces and I thought they were really cute by themselves, but also if I layered them. The lighting bolt reminded me of MARVEL, I dont know why but it did and I had to buy it. The triangle was calling for me, because it could feel the love I have for triangles, so I got that too. But the gold color is already starting to wear of and I have only worn them 3-4 times, so the quality is not the best.

8. Starbucks Cup - Is it a beauty thing? Not really, but because water is good for your skin, I put it in this haul as well. I didn't get this in Rome, but on my way home in Copenhagen central station while we waited to catch our train home. I love these cups and I just use it to drink water of and this cup can have 500ml in it.

I hope you liked this haul and if you have any questions just comment below :)
Amalie x

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