Alexander Wang "Rocco" Dupe

Saturday, September 06, 2014

In 7 days, I´m going to Rome and I wanted a new bag that would be comfortable to walk around with for a whole day and a bag I can have all my things in. I love Alexander Wang bags, but I´m a student and I´m not rich, so I can´t afford it. So I looked on ebay for an Alexander Wang "Rocco" dupe and I found this bag.

It looks almost like the real one and as long as you don´t have the real one and the fake one next to each other, you can´t really see a difference. The pockets are identical and the only thing that´s not perfect is that the studs don't have the exact same shape and the gold color is not as shiny as on the real one, but for 30£ I think that is okay.
I´m really like this bag, but I can´t wait until I can buy the real thing, there is just something about owning the real thing instead of a fake. But if you also can´t afford the real bag this is a great alternative.
Find the dupe here.
Amalie x

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