Robbie Williams Concert | May 11 - 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Yesterday my mom and I went to the Robbie Williams concert in Boxen in Herning. It´ll be really hard to ever forget about that concert, because Robbie Williams is a great artist/performer and he made quite a show. Before we found our seats we headed over to the merchandise sales booth, because I´m a sucker for merchandise! (I got a bracelet saying "Robbie William - Swing Both Ways" yay!!)

We had upper tier seats (I would rather call them roof seats, because we sat 17 meters up in the air, so "roof seats" is a more suitable name) but we could see the whole stage and thank god for the big screens on the side of the stage!

In the middle of one of the songs, he picked a woman from the crowd and next they are getting "married" on stage. It was so much fun and it was nothing like the other concerts I have ever been to. He also talked about his little daughter and that was so cute and you could hear the whole crowd go "awwww".

He sang the songs from his new album "Swings Both ways" and some of his old good ones and it sounded just like his albums.

If Robbie Williams is going to perform near you and there is still tickets left, go buy them! It´s worth the money, even though you might not sit in the front or near the floor!

Amalie x

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