What Shampoo And Conditioner Do I Use?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

So as you maybe know, I dyed my hair Oktober 4th. I used the L’Oréal Préference Blondisimmes Extreme Platinium hair bleach. So When you bleach your hair, you will most likely get a yellow tone in your hair. So to tone your hair on a daily basis I bought two products that I would really recomend to you, if you have blond or grey colored hair and want to tone it. I got mine on sale on from a danish store called Nicehair.dk.What I bought as a violet conditioner and silver shampoo.

So the first product is my silver shampoo. It is the Loreal Silver Shampoo. It´s a shampoo that tones yellow tones in your hair. It smells really good and it also works, so BONUS! When I first opened it I was a bit scared, if you take a look at the shampoos color, its a dark purple. But after you have used it, your hair is not purple. You may have some lilac parts in your hair, but that fades away and you don´t really notice them.

The second hair product I bought was the Joico Corlor Endure Violet Conditioner. It tones grey and blond hair, just like the silver shampoo, but it´s just as dark as the shampoo, it´s more a light purple or a lilac. This conditioner smells so good and your hair is really soft after you have used it.

So this is what I use so fare, maybe I will find or try some other hair products from other brands. But what kind of hair products do you use? Leave a comment below!

Amalie x

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