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Monday, September 30, 2013

So yesterday I bought the L’Oréal Préference Blondisimmes Extreme Platinium hair dye, because I want really really light blond, almost white hair, so i can do pastle colors in my hair. So I checked what it would cost to have it done at my hair salon, and well….. I can´t afford that! So I thought “You know what… I´m just gonna do it myself”. So I bought this L’Oréal Extreme Platinium hair dye and I wanted to do a unboxing kinda post, to show you guys whats inside of the box, so if you would try it out yourself you know what to expect from this box of hair dye.

So this is how the box looks like and on the back you can see how your hair color might edn up will end up. (Depends on how your hair reacts to the dye)

So when you open the box and emptied it, this is what you have. A lot of hair dye things, but luckily there are numbers on all of the things and there is a manual to follow. So I think it´s going to be okay :)

The first product from the box is in a silver “bag” and is called Lightning Powder.

The second thing is in a bottle and is called a developer crème.

The third thing you hopefully will find in the box, is a little white tube that contains cream lightner. So you are gonna take number 1, 2 and 3 and mix those together, to get the hair dye.

Number 4 is another tube but just a bit bigger the the last one and this time it´s gold (who don´t like gold). And that tube contains something every girl with platinum hair loves, brass-defy/anti-yellowing conditioner that last up til 6 treatments.

Then there is this little drop kinda thing and that is called Hi-Shine-Elexsir and that is also going into the hair dye mix in the bottle.

And now last but definitely not least, because this stuff is important, some plastic gloves for the hands so we don´t get that nasty bleaching on our hands and maybe ruining our pretty mani (we don´t want that) :)

So on friday, my friend Charlie is helping me bleach my hair. We are going to film it and put it on on my channel, so you guys can see how the dye works and how my hair ends up.

Amalie x

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