Celebrity Inspired Back-To-School Hairstyles

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Going back to school, is something we all have to go through. So all the crazy running-arround mornings are back and I dont know about you, but I don´t have that much time in the mornings to do my hair and makeup, so I want some easy hairstyle that still looks pretty. So I looked around on the internet searching for celebrity hairstyles and found some that are spimple, but still cute and very suitable for school.

So the first hairstyle is inspired by Miley Cyrus when she had that gorgeous long hair. It´s just two simple braids pined back and then some curls. But what I like about this hairstyle is that you dont have to curl your hair, you can just leave your hair straight and it would still look super cute. It´s really easy and I think it´s really great for school and bonus you don´t have your bangs in your eyes when you are in class.

The second hairstyle is inspired by Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. It´s a half up half down hairstyle. I really love this hairstyle and I feel really feminine when I wear my hair like that instead of a boring messy bun, and it doesnt take that much longer to do…. It´s a relaxed hairstyles that at the same time looks really elegant. And if you dont have time to curl your hair, you can just sleep with a braid and take it out in the morning and then you have natural waves that takes less then a minute.

The third and last hairstyle is a basic ponytail with a elegant touch inspired by Laruen Conrad. She wears it as an everyday hairstyle but also to the red carpet. And the best thing about this hairstyle is, that if you dont have curly hair, you dont have to curl your hair, because the ponytail also looks good with straight hair. So it all comes up to what you like. And if you have dip die like Laruen, this hairstyle is perfekt for you.

If you like these hairstyles, then go to my video and leave a comment! “Celebrity Inspired – Back-to-school Hairstyles”

Amalie x

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